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Vintage European Reclaimed Wood

European reclaimed wood from Vintage European Wood will add character and distinction to your home or commercial project, with a unique piece of history preserved in each plank, board and beam. It’s rustic texture, enduring beauty combined with architectural strength and durability are among the reasons so many homeowners and builders select reclaimed wood.

Today, vintage lumber is highly desired by architects, interior designers, home and business owners for is enduring character, color, and history. Reclaimed barn wood is the most common resource for reclaimed wood. Today, the demand for this antique wood continues to grow at an unprecedented rate.

In order to preserve the historical significance and architectural elements to be repurposed, materials are primarily reclaimed from buildings and structures that are damaged beyond repair and/or have been abandoned.

Vintage European Wood provides reclaimed barn wood that is simply unique and impossible to duplicate with new lumber. The beauty, color, stability, durability, hardness, and texture of our european vintage wood is unmatched!

Preserving the Natural Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Add Texture, Depth, Character and a Natural Beauty to any space



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Preserving the beauty of european reclaimed wood; one building at a time…

European reclaimed wood is widely recognized for its superior strength and properties. Our reclaimed barn was originally harvested from european forests with trees typically more mature than trees that are harvested today. They were stronger and better conditioned for construction. The added benefit of reclaiming, European vintage wood is that it is sustainable and environmentally responsible. We are creating less waste, protecting our forests and improving our environment.

Whether you are building new construction, remodeling your home or business property, Vintage European Wood is a popular alternative for flooring, beams, siding and paneling including hand-crafted furniture. We are proud to provide the enduring beauty of reclaimed wood for our discerning customers.

Preserving History
One Building at a Time